Hazen Products is proud to announce it's first product, the MUTE BOX.  

The MUTE BOX was born from the need to mute music instantly in my office when someone walked in or when the phone rang.  My computer or phone would have inevitably fallen asleep or locked itself making stopping the music and awkward process. I made a MUTE BOX for myself and used it on my desk for well over a year.  While using it I also realized it was a great way to stop commercials if you have unpaid accounts on streaming services.  

The MUTE BOX allowed me to listen to anything I wanted  while not risking be put in an awkward situation.

Many co-workers and friends requested one for themselves and they loved it once they used it.  So I thought I would bring it to the rest of the world. 

The mute box makes a great gift for anyone who works in an office or has the need to mute commercials.  

It's the kill switch for your jams.